Christmas Wrapped Up

So not only do I want my presents to be handmade this year, I also want to wrap and decorate them myself with the help of some other designer/makers.

I love wrapping Christmas presents (I may just be the only person who does though) but with so many lovely things to decorate your presents this year, how can you not have fun at the same time!

From left mini snowflake stamp by Sieben Morgen, Bloomsbury tape by summersville, Heart Ornament by The Lonely Heart  and fabric ribbon and pillow boxes by green bug market place.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter ~ Part 2

In the second part of my look back over Made in Clerkenwell Winter I wanted to show some designers who make things that are a bit more eco friendly. Like many I use recycled packing and use non conflict silver from Cooksons gold, So I wanted to highlight other designers who are either sourcing materials in the UK using sustainable textiles or have environmental ethical values at the centre of their collections.

Kate Rawlinson makes a range of accessories and lifestyle products. She combines hand written stories with gardens, forests and whimsical characters to create timeless and charming pieces. I picked up a couple of her things for Christmas presents :)

Anna Alicia makes gorgeous accessories using Debbie Bliss Eco range cotton wool and vintage findings and handmade porcelain beads. I managed to do an art-swap with a pair of my green enamel studs for a hand knitted Eagle Necklace in dusk blue. Which I was very pleased about.)

I also met award winning ethical designer Feng Ho who uses a range of sustainable textiles such as bamboo, soy, organic cotton and hemp.  End-of-line textiles from British fabric merchants are also utilised in her creations. Feng Ho’’s bespoke range of inspiring womenswear is hand-crafted in her Oxford based studio.

It always so nice to meet New people especially when they are making such beautiful and interesting things, I can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter ~ Part 1

Thank you to all those who came to see me at Craft Central over the weekend, it was lovely meeting new faces as well as old!

So as always I wanted to highlight some very talented people, and give you some links to their work. Below is a selection of Lucie Pritchard’s lovely textiles. She takes inspiration from old war diaries, letters, and postcards.

Next I came across the jewellery designer Silke, I was drawn to her organic collection made up of leaves and acorns in these intricate pieces.

I was really taken by Maya Wilson and her strong graphical designs which are beautifully made into interior upholstery and soft furnishings.

As many of you may know I really like hats and I am always excited to come across someone new: Ann-Marie Faulkner had so many pretty things, and I have to say that I also really liked her knitted bangles!

Since using a bolder palette in my designs I have found myself drawn to other designers who also use bright colours. Selina Rose makes sophisticated felt interior products that really stand out. My favourite product was this Botanica table centre piece in yellow.

Swithbert & Louis make striking accessory and more formal attire I love the use of wool, buttons and contrasting linings.